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We strive to build true partnerships with the firm’s clients. We believe in focusing on our clients’ needs, providing our clients with the highest services in quality and professionalism and making them feel at a home for Patents and innovation.


Jonathan Erez &Co. drafted more than 20 patent applications for Unbound, on complex cryptography and security products and algorithms. Beyond drafting the patent, they provided meaningful input regarding defining the invention itself. The team’s background in security is valuable, improves the patent’s quality and saves our inventors’ time. Yoni played a significant role in building and updating our patent strategy according to our business goals.

Prof. Yehuda Lindell, CEO at Unbound Tech

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Erez &Co on several patent applications. We had an immediate chemistry, which greatly helped the drafting process, and enabled us to express and share our opinions in a clear and effective manner. Yoni is a highly focused guy, capable of understanding and grasping the core essence of each patent, and translate it to a clear and coherent application. Discussions are always productive and to the points.

Yariv Erad, CEO at Hisep Technology

Jonathan Erez &Co. drafted a number of patents for Emza Visual that were meaningful for the purchase of Emza by Himax (a hardware giant). As CTO I worked closely with the firm to help focus the discussion on what would become valuable patents, which was different from our internal thoughts. The Patent attorney I worked with has deep tech knowledge, understands very fast and addressed all the details in our innovation. We were very pleased with the strategic advice and discussions, on how to build a strategic patent plan for our company.

Dr. Ze’ev Smilansky, CTO at Emza Visual

Jonathan Erez &Co. drafted 7 patent applications for Indoor Robotics, in various fields such as mechanics, mapping algorithms and methods of operations; the team showed technical and legal skills in all fronts. Yoni Erez found a creative way to define the innovation in one of our key features, that we initially considered unpatentable. This additional patent application brought much value to our company. We got our first issued patent approved before we even completed our seed round.

Doron Ben-David, CEO at Indoor Robotics


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